Rheumatoid arthritis resembles to Amavata about which there is a separate chapter in ‘Madhava Nidanam’ (A text on diagnosis ) It is common thinking that Rheumatoid arthritis is an incurable disease, yes there is no treatment in modern medicine except painkillers. Taking painkillers for a long time is to invite many dangerous problems. But it can be possible to get rid of this disease with Ayurveda treatment. It is a disease in which both vitiated Vata and Aama enter abdominal cavity, sacral region and joints and make stiffness there, and it is called Aamvata (Rheumatoid arthritis).

Causes :

  • No fix timing for taking food.
  • Awaking till late night and sleeping during the day.
  • Excessive intake of heavy, hard to digest and fatty things.
  • Excess of worry.
  • Having taken heavy or such kind of diet in which there are the things which are opposite to each other according to Ayurveda, taking exercise. In the result of it the food remains undigested and in the result of it there is the creation of ‘AAMRAS’.
  • Both Aama and Vata play an important role in creation of Aamavata.
  • According to modern science it’s an autoimmune disease.

Symptoms :

  • According to Madhava Nidanam there is pain with inflammation in the upper and lower limbs, head and joints of ankle, sacrum, knee and thigh.
  • The pain resembles like scorpion sting.
  • Absence of sleep at night due to pain.
  • Idleness.
  • According to modern science : ~Morning stiffness in the joints. ~ Bilateral involvement. ~RA factor positive.~Possibility of reduction of span of life. ~ There are the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases in it.
  • According to Ayurveda there is very severe pain in the joints.
  • Due to excess of Aama there are symptoms such as dyspepsia, anorexia and heaviness.
  • Tasteless mouth.
  • Burning sensation of the body, polyuria etc.

Curable & Incurable :

  • That’s easily curable in which there is involvement of single Dosha eg. Vata, Pitta or Kapha .
  • If there is involvement of two doshas then it is hardly curable and where there is an involvement of the whole three doshas, that is totally incurable.
  • In the primary stage of the disease there are following symptoms can be seen
  • Morning stiffness upto 15 minutes.
  • Absence of fatigue.
  • Absence of joint pain.
  • No joint tenderness.
  • No soft tissue swelling.
  • E. S. R. -30 mm/per hour in Women. 20 mm/ per hour in men.

Solution :

  • Avoidance of all those things which have been described in the causes.
  • Avoidance of constipation.
  • In the primary state fomentation with superfine warm sand .
  • Easily digestible food is very beneficial.
  • Avoidance of cold things and atmosphere is very beneficial.
  • Use of castor oil with warm water or Maharasnadi kwatha ( An Ayurveda Decoction) is very beneficial for not only to remove constipation but also curing disease.
  • Warm things and atmosphere is very good in it.
  • There are a lot of time tested wonderful preparations for this disease but those must be taken in guidance of an Ayurveda expert.
  • Taking modern medicines for a long time is to invite a lot of serious problems which will not go any where till death.
  • Taking Ayurveda treatment is harmless and can be taken for a long time.
  • Garlic must be taken since it’s very fruitful in it.
  • Use of dry ginger is also very profitable.
  • Soured things heavy things, cold things, Ice cream, fast food and junk food are best avoidable.
  • Practising Yoga and taking exercise regularly in proper guidance is very beneficial.
  • Warm , ginger water must be taken.
  • Panchkarma is very effective in the guidance of an Ayurveda Panchkarma expert.