I have seen in the rural area of my country that at the time of taking daily routine provisions from the village shop people use to buy strips of painkillers. They use these tablets wherever they feel a headache or body ache. Masters provide these painkillers to their labourers before an hour of the working hours at the field so that they work at the fields continuously without feeling any fatigue. In this way, without any medical consultation they use to take these painkillers to get relief from headache or body ache. After some months they feel symptoms like acidity and ignoring it they have to face Gastric Ulcer.

Ignoring hyperacidity creates ulcer in the mucous layer of the stomach. Excessive secretion of Hydrochloric acid causes it. It is more common in females than males. In the type of acute generally there is a single ulcer whereas in the chronic state there may be more ulcers. Acute ulcer can be cured by treatment in a short period but it becomes hard to treat the second.

Causes :

  • As I have stated before that ignorance of hyperacidity creates it.
  • All those causes which create hyperacidity, are also the cause of it.
  • In spite of hyperacidity taking spicy food, fried items, tea, coffee, wine, smoking, chewing tobacco, cold drinks.
  • Excessive use of painkillers without any proper guidance.
  • No taking food at a proper time. Some times taking at 10 a.m. , at the next time at 2 p. m. and at the third time at 5 p. m. Some times taking nothing throughout the day taking late night at 10 p. m.

Symptoms :

  • Pain persists in the stomach as the patient take something. Sometimes it is moderate and sometimes very severe.
  • Generally there is burning sensation with pain.
  • Sometimes there is no pain.
  • Pain worsens after taking hard, hot and spicy things and lessens after taking liquid alkaline things.
  • The duration of pain may be from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Vomiting may be a symptom in it, but not in excess.
  • The patient tries to vomit to reduce pain and after vomiting he feels better.
  • Appetite is normal in it but due to fear of increasing pain he use to take a little.
  • Constipation is very common problem in it.
  • The patient grows weaker day by day due to intolerable pain and anaemia.
  • Becomes very sad with a pallor face.

Solution :

  • Avoidance all those things which we have narrated in the causes.
  • Though it is very tough to treat this disease since it is very hardly curable.
  • Only medicines can’t do anything without proper diet, lifestyle and avoidance of all the evil deeds which are responsible getting rid of it may be a good dream.
  • Taking complete bed rest for 3 to 6 weeks is very beneficial.
  • Not only physically but mentally rest is also very essential to recover earlier.
  • Diet has an important role in the curing of this disease.
  • All the foods which vitiate Pitta such as spicy, fried, hot, curd, curd water, painkillers, tea, coffee, soured, pickles, cold drinks are the best avoidable.
  • Neutrinos and easy to digest things must be preferred.
  • Cow’s milk with equal part of plain water is very useful.
  • Coconut water is very beneficial in it.
  • Powder of cumin seeds mixing in water is very profitable.
  • Consulting an Ayurveda expert is very good to remove the problem by root for ever.