Excessive bleeding for a long time during the menstrual cycle additional to normal duration or earlier of menses is known as Menorrhagia. Generally there is bleeding for three to four days during the menstrual cycle but when the days of bleeding increase it effects very badly on the health of the woman.

Causes :

  • Excessive intake of pungent, very spicy, hot and fried things.
  • Excessive use of pies, pickles tea, coffee, soured things and jiggery.
  • Excess of anger, fear, sex, worries and sorrow.
  • Use of contraceptives .
  • Use of Copper T.

Kinds and Symptoms :

Menorrhagia :

The duration of menstrual cycle remains normal but quantity of bleeding is in excess or for a few days.

Polymenorrhoea :

Aeitional to excess of quantity the duration of menstrual cycle shortens. In place of 28 days duration it becomes 21 days .

Metrorrhagia :

There is an irregularity both in the quantity of bleeding and duration of the cycle. It bleeds upto many days and often it bleeds now and then.

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding :

Due to some abnormality in the uterus or hormonal disturbances there is bleeding intermittently through the vagina.

In Ayurveda it is called Asrigdara or Atyartava. There are four kinds of ii .

  1. Vatika :

    Foamy, red and with pain and in low quantity. It may be like Dysmenorrhoea.

  2. Paittika :

    Yellow,blue, blackish red, and warm is Paittika . Generally it is menorrhagia.

  3. Shleshmika :

    Sticky, yellowish white and like as flesh water.

  4. Sannipatika :

    Just like honey, marrow or clarified butter which is almost incurable. Except these if there is the presence of burning sensation, regular bleeding, fever, thirst, weakness, severe anaemia then it includes in incurable.

Solution :

  • Avoidance of all those things which have been given in causes.
  • Use the juice of panicum with a glass of cow’s milk is very very beneficial.
  • Use of fruits and vegetables which effect cool are profitable such as sweet pomegranate, pumpkin, cucumber, cardamom, palm, seeds of watermelon etc. • Use of beets, grapes, resins ,carrots , figs, apples and spinach is very good.
  • There are lot of medicines in Ayurveda to cure this problem.
  • Consult an Ayurveda expert.
  • Powder of liquorice in the 2 -3 gm. quantity with cow’s milk is very effective.
  • Use of powder of Asparagus in the quantity of 5gm. with milk is very effective.
  • Use Symplocus resimosa in the quantity of 5 gm. with an equal part of sugar is beneficial.
  • Milk of Banyan in 5gm. quantity with sugar candy is very effective.
  • Use of Vasa is very beneficial.
  • Consulting with an Ayurveda expert is very helpful.