A specific kind of pain which starts from the buttock region and goes towards the lumber region, thigh, knee, shank, and up to the foot , is called Gridhrasi (Sciatica) . There is stiffness, pain , lancinating pricing and throbbing in the leg due to it. It is stated pure Vatika kind of Gridhrasi (Sciatica), but additional to these symptoms there are heaviness, nap, and anorexia in are also present in Vatakaphaja Gridhrsi . Charaka the greatest scientist of Ayurveda writes in his text Charaka Samhita. This pain is in the sciatic nerve region, so it is called Sciatic neuritis or Sciatica. Symptoms of this disease resembles the symptoms of Charka’s Grirdhrasi. ” The term sciatica is applied in a somewhat imprecise of conditions in which pain is experienced along the course and in the distribution of the Sciatic nerve. that is to say in the buttock, back of the thigh, outer side and back of the leg and outer border of the foot. ” ( Medicine by price) Generally it effects one side but sometimes it may attacks both of sides.

Causes :

  • Excessive intake of dry, cold food ( fast food, junk food, poha, biscuits, cold drinks, Ice creams).
  • Excess of fasting.
  • Taking food in low quantity.
  • Awaking till late night.
  • Suppressing the physical natural urges.
  • Injury of the vital parts of the body.
  • Working always in airconditioned place.
  • Taking food without digestion of the previous food.
  • Driving bike excessively or riding horse in excess.
  • Excess of physical work and weight lifting.
  • Sleeping during the day. Constant constipation.
  • Dislocation of Intra vertebral Disc of lumber region.
  • Rapturing of fifth vertebrae of lumber region and first vertebrae of sacral region.
  • Some it may be in the fourth and fifth lumber vertebrae.
  • There is a compression on the nerve roots of affected vertebras.
  • Nerve roots of the fifth lumber vertebrae and first and second vertebrae of sacral region makes Sciatica Nerve.
  • Sciatica is the result of the compression on the nerve roots.

Symptoms :

  • Lancinating pain (a pain in which there is a feeling like someone is pricking needle) in the back portion of the leg.
  • Pain worsens at the time of coughing, sneezing and at the night .
  • The patient walks just like a lame .
  • At the walking time he tends to the opposite side.
  • There is very tenderness at the posterior to the knee joint and calf muscles.

Solution :

  • Pain killer Injections and Tables may give only symptomatic relief for a short duration.
  • How long a patient can depend on painkillers which are very harmful and may create very serious problem so these may be taken only for a short period.
  • As soon as possible consultation with an Ayurveda expert can help in getting permanent relief from the disease.
  • Try to be free from constipation.
  • Taking 15-20 ml. of castor oil with a glass of warm milk is beneficial.
  • Taking decoction of Harsingara is very beneficial.
  • Avoidance of all those things which have been narrated in the causes of the disease.
  • Lying on a hard bed is good.
  • Consult an Ayurveda expert as soon as possible for permanent relief.