What do they not do to get rid of it ? Every possible efforts are performed by them for a fair and glowing skin. They desire a pimple free and scar less attractive shining face but Acne is a very big foe of them.

Acne is known in Ayurveda as Yuvanpeedika (pimples which are common in adolescence ) and Mukhadooshika (the disease causes ugliness of face). There are appearance of pimples like the shape of prickles of the bark of silk cotton tree on the face. It destroys the beauty of the face. Taking the things in the diet which are opposite each other and harmful to take. Constipation is an important cause to create this disease. Taking stale and unhygienic food and drinks are also assist in it.Taking all those foods and activities which vitiate Vata and Kapha create the problem. Vitiated Vata and Kapha create pimples like the prickles of silk cotton tree on the face. In the modern medical science it is called Acne vulgaris which is a disease of a long duration. According to them it is a inflammatory facial disease of Sebaceous Glands and hair follicles , in which the facial skin is effected with pimples. The pimples may be pustules or plain.

First of all youngsters try various creams and lotions about which they gone through or watched in the advertisements of Newspapers and Magazines or in the Television. After that they use to go to the well-known dermatologists and take treatment for a long time but despairing from there they approach an Ayurveda expert . If they follow the suggestions of an Ayurveda expert they get permanent relief in Acne. Specially young girls take it for very hard and have a negative thinking that it is impossible to be cured. And it’s out of truth. Acne can be treated easily by Ayurveda. First of all it must be learnt that it’s very simple disease that can be cured by Ayurveda without any side effects . The youngsters whose skin is oily are easily caught by it than others.

Solutions :

  • Nothing can be achieved only by locally medicines.
  • Following suggested diet and life style is very important.
  • There must be no constipation at all in ant condition.
  • Light diet must be taken.
  • If there is the presence of dandruff then that must be cured first so that there may be no chance of infection.
  • Use hyena water to wash hair for dandruff.
  • Avoidance of touching hand on the face.
  • Avoidance of doing anything to pimples.
  • Avoidance of spicy food, oily items, soured things .
  • Avoidance of excessive intake of tea, coffee, pies etc.
  • Cleanliness of face is very important.
  • Avoidance of general bathing bars for washing face since they destroy the natural softness of our skin.
  • Prefer natural products for face wash.
  • Juice of Aloe Vera is beneficial both for locally or internally.
  • Try to be free from anger and worries.
  • Avoidance of late night awaking.
  • Take the prickles of the silk cotton tree and grinding them with milk make a paste and apply it on the affected areas and let them dry and wash with plain water.
  • Using powder of rose petals with water is beneficial.
  • Using paste of water melon seeds with milk or water is beneficial for locally.
  • Paste of lentil with water is also beneficial.
  • Using carrot juice 150 ml. tomato juice 100 ml. and beet juice 50 ml. is very effective for various skin problems, it must be taken for a month.
  • Consult an Ayurveda expert.