Obesity is a physical, mental and social disease. Being the root of a lot of dangerous and fatal disease like Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Cerebrovascular accident and Osteoarthritis it is a deadly disease. According to The greatest scientist of Ayurveda Saint Charaka , there are eight kind of persons who are condemned in the society , but an obese person has been stated the worst among all them., since it is very difficult to treat an obese.

With the so called modern advancement Obesity is flourishing day by day with a high speed. Today, we are enjoying a lot of facilities due to many. Scientific inventions. A person used to work hard physically in the previous time but these days there are a lot of machines for everything. Importance of taste has taken an important place in our diet. These are the reasons that obesity is increasing day by day.

Causes :

  • Excessive intake of food especially sweets, fast foods, junk foods, Ice creams, cold drinks and all those things which increase Kaphaa.
  • Inactivity life style creates the problem.
  • Sleeping more than 6 to 8 hours.
  • Sleeping during the day
  • Lack of exercise
  • Living very luxurious and tension free life.
  • Some medicines are also responsible for it as steroids, antidepressants etc.
  • Due to hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome.
  • Genetic and family history is also an important factor.
  • In women after menopause.
  • In oldage due to very inactive life.
  • Taking very nutritious diet but doing nothing nothing in that comparison as physical hard working, taking exercise, practising Yoga and walking etc.
  • Excessive tension may be a cause of obesity, as Charaka says , Despite of having taken food according to our appetite in limitation in the states of worries, anger, fear, mourning and grief may be the cause of Ama (Undigested food) which may be the cause of obesity in future.

A person who is a glutton, undiscriminating and lazy person takes Kapha and Meda (fat) increasing diet regularly then fat element of the body increases and obstructs the way. In the result of it there is a lack of cherishing all other dhatus (essential elements of the body) except vasa (fat) and due to obstruction there is vitiation of Vata .Moving in the costha (internal part of the belly) Vitiated Vata increases Jatharagni (appetite) and absorbs the diet by which it becomes digestion of food earlier and the person feels hunger again and again. There is an increase of only Vasa ( fat) and decrease of other dhatus
( other essential elements ) . Thus this chain rotates regularly and there is increase of only vasa ( fat) which causes obesity.

Symptoms :

  • Excessive weight gaining up to 20 to 100 percent of normal body weight.
  • Incapability to work due to lack of nutrition of other dhatus.
  • Excessive sleeping.
  • Excessive hunger.
  • Delusion.
  • Fatigue.
  • Perspiration.
  • Foul smelling from the body
  • Lack of sexual power.
  • Feeling like asthma.
  • Lack of vitality.
  • Tendency of itching and eczema.
  • Possibilities of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiac problems.
  • Intolerance to labour.
  • Suffocation at even a little physical work.
  • Liking eating and sleeping.
  • Disliking any physical activity.

Solution :

  • Avoidance of all those things which are the causes of it.
  • Avoidance of heavy diet.
  • Sweets ,Clarified butter, Pizza, Burger, cold drinks, Ice creams etc.
  • Honey is the best for it.
  • Curd water is very beneficial.
  • Awaking late night, sexual activities, excessive exercise , walking on foot and attentiveness towards the own duty are beneficial to control it.
  • Diuretics are beneficial.
  • Panchkarma (Bio purification) of the body in proper guidance is good.
  • Fasting is also good in it.
  • Practising Kapalbhati is the best for it.