One of the most typical disease among the other diseases of the world, is Psoriasis. The symptoms of it resembles the Mandal Kustha which has been described in the Charaka Samhita. It effects children, females and males equally, nevertheless in India number of male patients, is greater than females. It is not an infectious disease. It destroys the beauty of the body. It may effects only a part of body or the whole body. Sometimes it effects so mildly that the victim doesn’t come to know whether he is suffering from it.

Causes : Nobody knows the exact cause of it . If both mother and father are the patients of psoriasis, then there are about 75 percent chances in their progeny for this disease. Very sensitivity, weakness of the nervous system, defects of endocrine glands, disturbance of digestive system, dietary irregularities, intemperate life, mentally weakness, sceptical life, worries, failures of life, and allergy may help to produce it. Some diseases may be the cause of it : Chronic tonsillitis , influenza, common cold, chronic problems of the digestive system etc. But scientists are not unanimous on the cause of it.

Symptoms :

  • Appearance of lentil sized elevated dark red or dark brown coloured granules on the skin .
  • They are covered with a transparent white layer.
  • Sometimes the size of it is just like head of a pin.
  • Generally it starts from elbows, knees , scalp and back portion of ears.
  • Sometimes increasing circles of it cover the entire part of the body.
  • In many patients it starts from the scalp. The patient takes it for dandruff and ignored it but when it increases towards the forehead then it causes worry.
  • There is not a single part of body which is out of its reach .
  • Hands, palms, soles, posterior of ears, nails, scalp, face, stomach, genital organs may be effected of it.
  • Though itching is not a symptom of psoriasis yet it becomes very troublesome. Itching is due to allergy . Itching makes it worse.
  • Depression, worries and many other mentally problems increase the complication of itching.
  • In such kind of state, solution of itching must be the preference.
  • Although it is a tridoshas disease , but Kapha is more important than Vata and Pitta.
  • there is a fast relationship between atheists and psoriasis.
  • After 5-7 years of psoriasis there is pain in the joints which is very troublesome. After removal of the main disease arthritis subsides automatically.

Solution :

  • Having tried all kinds of medical sciences at last the patient comes to an Ayurveda expert with a hope that as he places his hand on his head he wii be free from this obstinate disease for ever.
  • The patient has lost both his patience and money.
  • Though there is an effective and successful treatment in Ayurveda yet there is a great role of positive mentality of the patient.
  • If the patient decides firmly that he will be healthy definitely then there will be a positive effect on his which will be helpful in his curing.
  • Sunrays have an important role in the treatment of it.
  • It is very useful have a sunbath before 11 A. M.
  • If the patient has some patience and following the Ayurveda stated diet and lifestyle, he can be free from it permanently.
  • Antimalarial medicines of modern medical science, milk and products of milk, all kind of sour things, radish, onion, brinjal, potato, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. are very harmful for a psoriasis patient.
  • Spinach, pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, apple, papaya, dates, almonds are fruitful for the patient.
  • Avoid all those things which have preservative.