In the very early years of my practice I had to go for the treatment of a person at his home. The patient was 60 years old villager. It was bleeding speedily through his both nostrils. There was lot of blood on the floor of the room. I was surprised to know that he never felt any kind of problem in his life. He was totally fit. At that time his blood pressure was 230/120 mmHg. In an another case a villager came with his mother and complained that she had been suffering from fever. After checking her it was great surprise for me that her blood pressure was 240/120 . In spite of such high blood pressure she didn’t feel any symptom in her life. She requested me to treat her fever. These two events show that it is not necessary that it appears any kind of symptom due to hypertension. Generally there may not be any symptom so that we may come to be known that we are in the grip of hypertension. So we should go to doctor time to time for our Blood pressure checking. We may measure our B. P. at our home also.

Hypertension is known as high blood pressure. Anyone whose blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or more for a continue period is called high blood pressure. Blood pressure is usually divided. Blood pressure is usually divided into four categories : 1 Normal : Systolic 90 to 120 mmHg Diastolic : 60 to 80 mmHg 2 Prehypertension : Systolic 121 to 140 mmHg Diastolic 81 to 90 mmHg 3 Stage 1 Hypertension Systolic 141 to 160 mmHg Diastolic 91 to 100 mmHg 4 Stage 2 Hypertension Systolic 161 mmHg or higher Diastolic 101 mmHg or higher.

Causes of Hypertension : 1 Faulty lifestyle and habits 2 Family history 3 High cholesterol 4 Faulty dietary habits 5 Obesity 6 After 40 years 7 Due to side effects of some certain medicines 8 Physical inactivity 9 A salt rich diet associated with processed and fatty foods. 10 Alcohol and tobacco use Specific causes of Hypertension – 1 Chronic kidney diseases 2 Tumours 3 Menopause 4 Diabetes 5 Cancers 6 Hyperthyroidism 7 Pregnancy.

Symptoms of Hypertension : Generally there are no symptoms of this disease as I narrated in the two short events in the starting of this article. These symptoms may be due to hypertension : 1. Blurred vision 2. Headache 3. Giddiness 4. Bleeding from the nose 5 Irritability 6 Fatigue 7 Echo sound in the ears. 8. Increased heart beat 9. Chest pain 9 Swelling in lower limbs 10 Weakness of memory Headache due to hypertension attacks generally backside of the head mostly after getting up in the morning. The maximum bad effect of hypertension in the heart. There is as much high blood pressure the danger will be in that proportion and span of life will be shorter in that ratio.

Major problems due to hypertension :

  1. Heart failure 2 Kidney failure
  2. Loss of vision 4
  3. Brain haemorrhage

Stroke Heredity and Hypertension : There is a great relationship between heredity and hypertension. If the blood pressure of the parents is normal then there will be only three percent possibilities in their children of hypertension. If mother or father is suffering from high blood pressure, there will be 25% chances of being caught by high blood pressure of their children. There will be 75% possibilities of hypertension in those children whose both mother & father are suffering from it. So the salt must be taken in a very low quantity by those children whose both mother & father are suffering from the hypertension.

Obesity & hypertension also have a deep relationship .

The person who does mental work, has more risk of high blood pressure than the person who works physically. Physical activity reduces both hypertension and obesity.

Prevention : A person goes to a doctor when he has some problem and hypertension is a such kind of disease in which generally there may be no symptom. So, after the age of 35 years we must go for a health check up once a year . The persons whose mother or father or both are suffering from high blood pressure must go for a health check up time to time.

  • It’s very important to take precautions about our diet to control high blood pressure.
  • Having fast once in week is beneficial for hypertensive patients, but nothing have to be taken on the day of fast .

These should be taken

  • Boiled or raw vegetables.
  • Lemon water and vegetable soup with very low salt.
  • Butter milk of cow.
  • Juice of 2 onions and 2 garlic with 2 tea spoon full .
  • Fresh seasonal fruits like watermelon, orange, grapes, pineapple, black berry, apple and plantain.

Avoid these as much as possible : Sugar, tea , coffee, Ice cream, chilly, soft drink, liquor, smoking, fast food, junk food, spices, creamy milk, curd, butter, clarify butter, sweets of milk, coconut oil, pickle, chocolate, things which have salt and baking soda etc.

Yoga & hypertension :

Pranayama : There is a great role of Pranayama to control hypertension. Bhastrika, Anulom-vilom and bhramari are very beneficial pranayamas to control high blood pressure. Practising these we feel mentally peace which help in flowing pure oxygenated blood in our arteries. The following Asanasas may be practiced without any fear to control and maintain normal blood pressure : Shashkaasanaa, Pavanmuktaasanaa, Tadaasanaa, Haasyaasanaa, Shavaasanaa etc.

Meditation, Music of low rhythm, positive thinking, believe in the prayer of God, getting up early in the morning and going to bed till 10 P. M. are very beneficial to control hypertension and maintain hypertension Mind must be peaceful at the time of practising Pranayama. Pranayama must be practised with a medium speed. Believe in God and feel he is always with you.

Keep on walking along the above ayurveda nectar rules and escape from hypertension.