What is the most important in our life ? According to Indian Philosophy there are four objects of the human pursuit. 1 Dharma (helping others without any self interest) 2 Artha (earning money with fair means) 3 Kaama (fulfilment of the various desires) & 4 Moksha (final emancipation or salvation) But in the view of Ayurveda the root of all these objects of human pursuit is ‘AROGYA’ (complete health ). We can’t achieve any object of our life without Arogya. Neither we perform our duties nor we help others without sound health. Earning money & enjoying the fulfilment of various desires almost impossible without Arogya and even these three objects can not be achieved without it then the imagine of bliss is of no use at all. The extract is : Having given up everything first of all concentrate on your Body [Arogyam (health)] since in the absence of body there will be absence of the entire world. The greatest scientist of Ayurveda Acharya Charaka says in his samhita (one of the base book on Ayurveda) , Sarvam anyat parityajya shareeram anupalyet. Tadbhave hi bhaavaanaam sarvaabhaava shreerinaam. (CHARAK SAMHITA)

Life is like a journey and body [Arogyam (health)] is a vehicle. We must care our body at any cost as we take our vehicle for service time to time. If we take our vehicle to a service centre to get service time to time then the journey which is being done by us will be of a great comfort & fun and on the other hand if we drive it regularly without service then we may easily imagine the difficulties of our journey. In the same manner looking after our body [ Arogyam (health)} we may enjoy our livelihood till healthy hundred years. We must have to adopt the hygienic rules of Ayurveda which will make us healthy throughout the life.