My self confidence is loose., so I have chosen an erroneous way. I myself want to drink then it’s very shame for me to blame others for my drinking. If my sacraments are strong nobody can force me for doing which I don’t desire even in my dreams. Generally we see that people blames others that they used to wine me by force. What a kind of joke ! How can dare anybody to wine us without our self consent.

Yesterday I was watching an interview of the very noted film star Akshya Kumar on a very famous T. V. Channel. How are you so fit ? He answered that I have following all those good habits which my parents taught me in my childhood. They taught me to get up early in the morning before sunrise and must go to bed upto 9.30 p. m. and a lot of good things . Since my childhood I have been walking along that healthy path. Problem starts from there when as we grow older we choose the wrong way. The habits which were very precious to us in the childhood then how can be they wrong in our prime ? Youre only young once. If we give up our good habits of childhood in our youth then it is certain that our old age will be very troublesome and it will be almost impossible for us to be fit in the days of our prime.

Then he was asked, ” How are you still free from bad habits even working in Bollywood? such as smoking, drinking etc ” Laughing loudly the star answered, ” Nobody can force us to do something which is totally wrong in our sight and is disliked by us. I haven’t remembered a single moment when anybody force me to smoke or drink. It completely depends on us that we want to join such kind of people or not ? Still I get up early in the morning before the sunrise and practise yoga regularly. I don’t take anything which seems to me unhealthy. My sleeping time is still 9.30 p. m. ”

I have been working at a place where opium is served on the every occasion. Birth ceremony to last ceremony of the life without serving opium the function is colourless. Before 27 years when I joined my service in that area , the villagers used to offer me opium as a custom but I didn’t touch . Having seen determination of mine they began to support me saying, ” Oh don’t offer him . How can he take it when he advises to quit it others. ” So the acceptance or refusal of all those bad habits is the purely matter of our self determination . Nobody can force us.

As I have said in the beginning of this post that if our sacraments are strong then no bad company affects us . In the primary classes I learned a doha (poetry) of one of the greatest Hindi poet Rahim which tells us if we possess the best sacraments no bad company can spoil us , as snakes always embrace around the sandal tree but no poisonous effect of snakes seems on the sandalwood. The cooling effects of sandalwood is well-known around the world.