In our last post we discussed yesterday about ‘ Eight methods of taking food .’ The seventh point in that topic was rules of taking our food. In Ayurveda every that thing has been narrated very deeply which is very important for us to be healthy till our total life. Diet is the first sub pillar for us to be healthy for ever, but what are those rules along which walking we can enjoy our complete healthy life without any disease. Charaka writes in Charaka Samhita Vimansthana 1/24 as follows:

  • Take warm food.
  • Take diet which contains butter, clarified butter or oil.
  • Take diet according to own digestion power.
  • Take food after the digestion of the previous food taken by you.
  • Take the items in your food which are not opposite in veerya ( veerya means the power of any thing by which that thing works)
  • Take food in the loving place.
  • Take food where all the essential things are easily available according to our mood.
  • Take food neither very quickly nor very slowly.
  • Take food without talking and laughing.
  • Take food according to own digestion power and self taste.
  • Take food with full concentration in it without thinking other topics.

Advantages of following the said rules :

Taking warm fresh food is very tasty to take. After taking it improves digestive enzymes and digests soon. It carries gases low side and dries the Kapha, so warm and fresh food must be taken. Today we see that misuse of refrigerator is very common. We cook food in excess and store in it. Again and again cooking food which was cooked previously , is to lessen the nutrients of the food. All of us feel practically that warm food is taken with interest and gives satisfaction.

Is that food which has no clarified butter, milk of cow ? It shows the importance of greasy items in our diet. The diet which contains butter, ghee or oil is very tasty to eat. It increases digestion power and builds the body. It strengthens all the organs of the body. It improves the glow and beauty of the user.

These days everybody says Oh ! Butter ! Creamy milk ! Clarified butter ! Oh No ! I avoid all these things . These are injurious to my health. Then the Charaka is wrong ? Is his preaching useless ? I would like to say very humbly, No. The thoughts of Charaka were as right in the past are as perfectly right today. Taking butter etc. is not bad but without burning the calories which have been gained by taking greasy things is harmful and that is the worst.Regular exercise or hard working is very important for the proper digestion and advantages of fat full diet. Second thing , the purity of butter, clarified butter and oils is also an important issue, since purity of things has been almost very invisible . If we take diet with pure butter, oils etc. , take exercise/ yoga daily then I think we will get only benefits which have been described by Charaka.

Taking food after the digestion of previous food taken by us is very beneficial for our health. Taking food without digestion of the previous food is called Adhyashana in Ayurveda and it creates many great problems for our health. We will take an example to understand it easily, we have placed something on the stove for cooking, without cooking of it if we add again some more items in it for cooking and again after some time we repeat the previous act. What will be the result ? The thing which was placed by us for cooking would not cook properly. The total recipe will be waste . In the same manner taking food in the state of indigestion is to invite so many diseases. That half digested previous food mixing with just taking food vitiates all the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha and they will be the cause of a lot of diseases.

The things which are opposite to each other in their veerya ( working power) must not be taken together. Taking honey and clarified butter in equal part and taking milk with fish are opposite , so they must not be taken . We will discuss over this matter separately in our coming posts.

The place where we are taking our food must be loving to us . It also be neat and clean. All the expected things must be there so that having sat for taking once there may no need to go any where to take the desired things. Todays we take food where we watch television, it is opposite to the rules of taking food . Though it is favourite place to take food for some persons yet it is wrong.

All is being done by us for taking food means for our livelihood and for for taking food we have no proper time, it is very strange. If we take our food very quickly then it may create many problems for us . Digestion of that food will not be proper which has been taken very quickly, since the process of digestion starts from mouth and in such condition there will be lack of enzymes.

Taking food for a long time is also not good. In such way the warm food becomes cool and we can’t get satisfaction.

At the time of taking food our total concentration must be towards our food, since there is a great relationship between the process of digestion and the state of our mind . If we have food with full concentration in it the digestion will be very proper.

We must take food according to our suitability . We must not care what is being taken by others . We must focus on it that we will take only those things which suits us and are highly beneficial for our health.