‘Virtues are more important than beauty.’ But at the time of first meeting with somebody beauty and handsomeness attract most of the persons, yes this is a different thing that the magic of only physical beauty does not go for a long period, nevertheless today beauty and handsomeness are worshipped everywhere. Even a small spot has come onto our face our total happiness disappears hand to hand and we try our best to get rid of it. First of all we go to chemist and bring fairness cream. Market is over flooded with such kind of creams, lotions and face packs. These chemical based products show favourable results at once but as we stop the use of them the condition worsens and then we contact dermatologists, they also try there beat for us but they become unable to give us permanent relief. Having tried all these things at last we come to an Ayurveda Expert and expect to him that he will do some magic and all the dark spots onto face will disappear immediately. But every problem takes some time to be solved completely since as we know that Rome was not built in a day. If we follow the suggestions of an Ayurveda expert, then definitely we will get rid of shadows, black or bluish spots of our face.

In the very famous text of Ayurveda Sushruta Samhita Nidansthana 13 , there is a description of three kinds of such skin problems which diminish our beauty. These three diseases are – Nyachchha, Vyangya and Neelika

Nyachchha :

Small or large greyish or black painless circles on the body are called Nyachchha. In our local language it is called Jhanee. Pitta, Rakta and Vata are the causes of it.

Vyangya :

Vitiated Vata and Pitta by anger coming onto the face make painless, small circle of greyish colour , is called Vyangya .

Neelika :

If the spots of Vyangya effect onto face or other parts of the body with black colour are meant Neelika.

Actually all above three are the different names of a disease on the basis of colour and affected part of the body. Vyangya effects face while Neelika face as well as other parts of the body. The spots of neelika are black in colour and the spots of Vyanga are greyish.

Causes :

All those things which vitiate Vata and Pitta are responsible for these

  • Regularly awaking till late night.
  • Excessive use of stale food, fried things, onion, garlic and curd.
  • Anger, fear, worries and grief in excess are also cause of it.
  • Regular contact of sunrays and dry air.
  • These may be due to as the effect of Addition’s disease, Cachexia generated by cancers, chronic malaria, thyroid problems, rheumatoid arthritis, cirrhosis of the liver.
  • these may be common in some patients of tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus.
  • Use of arsenic preparations may results in these problems.
  • Melanodermia, Melasma and Chloasma can be included in the above three disease.
  • Disturbance in Bhrajaka Pitta creates all pigmentation related problems .

Solution :

  • Avoidance of all those causes which have been stated above.
  • Avoidance of fairness products which are based on chemicals.
  • Now a days everywhere a noise of herbal preparation
  • On the name of herbal products the customers are being deceived since 100 gm. of cream has only 0.5% herbs and rest 99.5% part of cream is purely chemical based which is injurious to health.
  • Large advertisements instigate the youngsters to buy these products and having spent a lot of many and used the products they could not get rid of the disease permanently.
  • Only local applications can’t provide permanent relief.
  • Using Laghu or Brihat Manjisthadi choorna in the quantity 5 gm. per day twice followed with plain water is very nice.
  • Triphala choorna is very beneficial.
  • Tomato juice with a pinch of turmeric powder is the very beneficial using locally for a few weeks.
  • Aloe Vera pulp is very beneficial for all kind of dark circles.
  • My experience is this , that using pulp originally is better than prepared gels, since fresh is fresh and prepared items can’t compare to them.
  • Using cucumber juice is very beneficial.
  • Local application of fresh Orange juice with a pinch of turmeric powder is very effective to remove dark spots onto skin .
  • Using lemon juice locally is very effective in it.
  • Using rose water is very good.
  • Using Kinshukadi Tailam (An Ayurveda oil preparation for removing dark circles under eyes, greyish or black spots onto face or other parts of the body ) is very beneficial in all these condition.
  • Avoidance of constipation is very important in kind of skin problem. Using natural and pure herbal things and walking along the advice of an Ayurveda Expert is very beneficial.