If we take treatment or not it will take about seven days to be cured. Do you know about which disease I am talking? Yes , Yes , you are right I am talking about a very common problem of our nasal cavity and this problem is Common cold which known as Coryza also. It resembles to Pratishyaya of Ayurveda. It has been narrated In the very popular text of Ayurveda Charaka Samhita in the Chikitsasthana chapter 26th.

Generally it is known as Zukam which is an Arabian word. A disease in which there is a symptom of running nose , is Pratishya. If we don’t care it then the we may be trapped by other troublesome problems such as cough, asthma and tuberculosis. In this disease there becomes swelling in the mucous membrane of the nose. There is an erythema and increasing of glands secretion, which uses to come out of the nose.

Causes :

  • Weak Immunity is responsible for a lot of diseases but in practical we see that some persons are exceptionally suffered from common cold, on the other hand some persons are trapped by common cold very easily during the every season changing.
  • Walking in cold atmosphere during the winter season and at the time of season changing.
  • Excessive use of Cold drinks and Ice creams.
  • A tiny carelessness at the time of changing season causes of it.
  • Coming and going suddenly into very cold and hot atmosphere.
  • Coming from the hot atmosphere drinking cold water.
  • Holding the non – suppressible urges.
  • Working in dusty atmosphere.
  • Having got up drinking cold water.
  • Talking to a person suffering from cold or using his thins cause of it.
  • According to Ayurveda awaking at night , excessive sleeping specially during the day, excess of sex, using extremely cold water , evaporate and smoke can produce it.

Pre symptoms :

Heaviness of head, body ache, sneezing etc.

Symptoms :

  • Excessively running nose.
  • Running eyes.
  • Increasing temperature.
  • Feeling idleness.
  • Headache.
  • In vatik Pratishyaya blockage of nose, very dilute secretion through the nose, dryness of throat, palate and lips, needle pricking pain in the temporal region, excess of sneezing, tasteless mouth hoarseness ect.
  • In Paityika pratishyaya : Warm and yellow secretion through the nose, having difficulty in heat and feels vomiting hot.
  • In Kaphaja pratishyaya : Thick and whitish yellow secretions through the nose, heavy head, very itching sensation in throat, palate, lips and head and sweetness of mouth.

Solution :

  • Always practising Bhastrika for five minutes, Kapalbhati for 15 minutes and Anuloma-Viloma regularly, is the best and effective way to be escaped of a lot of diseases and specially common cold.
  • A have treated many patients who were occasionally be trapped by common cold , I suggested them to practise the above things and they needed not again for the treatment of it, since as I usually say that to be free from the diseases is almost under our power but falling got ill and the coming to the normal position is totally beyond our power and it doesn’t matter that we are so much rich .
  • Avoidance of all those reasons which have been described in causes.
  • Using warm water during it is very beneficial.
  • Avoidance of cold things and atmosphere is good.
  • Taking lemon tea with ginger is very good in it.
  • Decoction of Gojihvadikwath in 60 ml. thrice a day is very good.
  • Consulting an Ayurveda expert is very good.