If the virtues like nectar from poison can be achieved, good preaching even from a child, good conduct from an enemy and gold from a dirty place , all these must be accepted. Excess of every thing is bad. Today tea has taken an important place in Indian culture. If we have given a grand feast to our guests but we hadn’t arranged for tea, our complete efforts turned to nil. There is no limitation of taking tea. I have seen at my posting place in the rural area that most of people take 15-20 cups of tea in a day. Then they use to come with their problems . Limited use of most of the things even the use of wine gives favourable results to us. There must be use of self wisdom even in imitation. We have taken tea from British people but without knowing the demerits of it , we have trapped in the net of it.

In may routine practice the patients come to me complaining lack of appetite, burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, constipation, burning sensation in soles and palms, giddiness, regurgitation and lack of sleep. After taking the history of them the cause of it, is found excess use of tea and spicy food.

Walking along the first rule of Ayurveda treatment, ‘Kriya Yogo Nidanam Parivarjanama’ ( giving up the causes of creating the disease, is the half treatment) a lot of patient got about 50 percent relief in their complains without taking any kind of treatment. I don’t say that taking tea is bad but I would like to request very politely that excessive taking of tea is definitely very bad and is the cause of hyperacidity, constipation, piles, anorexia, peptic ulcer etc. So enjoy taking tea but in a limit.

The composition of the tea is very very complex. It contains so many chemicals. It contains polyphenols which are responsible for astringency. There are 28 amino acids in it in which L. Theanine is the responsible for alpha brain wave activity which promotes relaxation. L. theanine can induce mindful alertness in the persons who drinks tea. Slightly joviality is felt after taking tea is the effect of L. theanine.

Tannin is an another important contain of tea, which upsets the digestion power. It also creates lack of sleep. The effect of it , is similar to effect of wine. Due to it the tea drinker feels some freshness just after taking tea but after some time he feels tiredness and dryness and again he desires to drink tea again.

Caffeine : It effects like nicotine which is an ingredient of wine and tobacco. It increases heart beats and causes the weakness of the body. That is the caffeine by which a tea drinker likes more and more tea and feels unable to give up this bad habit. • Due to these ingredients tea has a very sizzling effect. They effects very bad on body and brain.

Frequency of urine may increase upto three times due to caffeine. But the wastage part of body does not pass through the urine and thus that waste material causes cardiac disease and kidney problems.

Due to bad effect of tannin by taking tea in excess results in bad disturbance of stomach. Indigestion flatulence, colic, constipation, irregular heartbeats, lack of sleep, hyperacidity etc are the main symptoms of tea drinkers. It causes dental and ophthalmic problems also. The excessive use if this destroys the natural glow of the face.

This the most popular drink of both rich and poor. If we get nothing to eat , no problem, but on the unavailability of the tea we feel very restlessness. On empty stomach tea must not be taken. Avoidance of bed tea is the best for our health. Taking 1-2 cups of tea is good.

With firm determination we can easily give up drinking tea without any problem . Tea drinking is beneficial in the condition of diarrhoea but without milk. If we already drink it in limit then it is very good for our health , but on the other hand if we take a dozen of cups daily, we must quit it soon.