It is known as Indralupta in Ayurveda. Indra is a synonym of Vata. Mixing with Pitta, Vata (Indra) falls hair of the head from hair follicles. Lupta means extinct. Thus a disease in which Indra (Vata) with pitta falls hair of head and after that Kapha obstructs bulbs of hair. In this way where there bulbs of hair are blocked by Kapha in that area there will be no production of hair again, and it is called Indralupta ( Alopecia areata ). In this disease hair vanish in the front , back and in the side parts of head in irregular round shape. These irregular circles may be 1-2 ” to 4-5 “in the size. They may affect beard and moustache.

There are three words are used for falling hair.

  • Indralupta (Alopecia areata) :It is used for vanishing hair of some parts of the head, beard and mustache. There becomes a shape of a rupee coin.
  • Khalitya ( Baldness or Simple alopecia) : At the time combing there is a fall of hair regularly. Diminishing density of hair turns into baldness gradually. In this disease the effected area is only head. In general people use Fallen hair of Loss of hair for this type.
  • Ruhya ( Alopecia universalis) : It may affect all over the body except head.

According to Modern Medical Science it has been classified as follows – A. Infective B. Toxic C. Endocrine D. Nervous

Causes :

  • Vitiation of vata , diminishing of Kapha and dryness occurs generally in OLDAGE and they cause greying hair and loss of hair.
  • Using diet which is against the rules of Ayurveda, such as excessive use of spicy, hot, fried, salty, soured, pungent things, tobacco, alcohol , cold drinks, pie, fast food and junk food cause hyperacidity which vitiate Pitta and Vata .
  • They produce dryness which results in falling hair.
  • Excess of anger, worries, grief and labour.
  • Awaking till late night and sleeping even after the sunrise.
  • Constipation.
  • Not taking proper rest.
  • Excess of workload and running day and night to fulfil self highly ambitions.
  • Absence of nutrients and balanced diet there is no development of hair and they begin to weak and results in falling.
  • Youngsters either do not use any hair oil or use harmful hair oil.
  • Using different kinds of bathing soaps or shampoos which are chemical based.
  • Usually changing of bathing soaps, shampoos and oils.
  • In females leucorrhoea , dysmenorrhoea or irregular menstruation cause falling hair.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • If skin diseases and another serious diseases are not treated properly may be the cause of it.
  • As the result of heavy antibiotics during typhoid causes of it.
  • Chronic sinusitis causes of this.
  • Excessive use of X-Ray .
  • Diseases produced by malnutrition gonorrhoea, influenza, food poisoning, anaemia, diabetes, dysfunction of pituitary gland and after chemotherapy.
  • Excess use of dryer and strainer machines.

Solution :

  • Avoidance of all those causes which create it.
  • Using sattvika diet such as cow’s milk, ghee, butter, green vegetables, fresh fruits, pulses and rice is very beneficial.
  • Avoidance of hair from direct sunlight and polluted water.
  • Avoidance of chemical based shampoos, soaps and hair oils.
  • Consulting with an Ayurveda expert as soon as possible is very beneficial since Ayurveda serves best in this disease.
  • An Ayurveda expert will decide what is the root cause of the disease and according the reason of the disease he will suggest.
  • Rejuvenation therapy shows the best result in these diseases.
  • Massage of soles and head is good.
  • A special therapy sira mokshna gives very favourable results in it.
  • Using a mixture prepared by 5 teaspoonful of lemon juice and 20 gm. of soda bi carb on the affected areas shows wonderful results.
  • Local application of Acorus calamus rubbing with water is very good.
  • Powder of of Black sesame, Triphala, Glycyrrhiza glabra , Eclipta alba in the quantity of each 100 gm with sugar candy powder 400 gm. shows favourable result when it is taken a in a quantity of 4 teaspoonful twice in a day with milk.
  • There are a lot of preparations both for orally and locally for curing this.
  • Local application of sespedula leaves juice or paste is very effective in aAopecia areata and Alopecia simple.
  • Taking juice of Amala (Emblica offecinalis) 15 ml. With teaspoonful of honey is very good for so many hair problems.
  • Local application of a paste prepared with leaves of Hibiscus rose with cow’s urine is very beneficial for growing hair.
  • Use of onion juice with the tips of fingers in the roots of hair is very beneficial in falling hair.