Today is the age of competition where everybody wants to reach the top. We are living in depresssion these days. Our internal happiness has lost somewhere. Tension, frustration and despair of a long time impact deeply on the brain and we are in the grip of depression. The holiest book of India is Shrimadbhgwadgita . In the first chapter of it we may see the symptoms of oppression which is called Vishad in Samskrit. Arjuna was suffering from Vishad (depression) . Speculation of WHO : By 2020 depression will be a major problem in the world after cardiac diseases. There is 10 to 20 percent possibility of depression in the males but possibility is just double in females.

Charaka the greatest scientist of Ayurveda writes in the Charaka Samhita that Depression is the best to increase diseases the word of Samskrit language ‘Harsha’ which pleases both mind and body. Harsha means Pleasure. Normal state of Vata generates pleasure and enthusiasm and the Abnormality of Vata due to any reason results in depression. Vata is the inspiring element of the mind. In the abnormal condition of Vata it produces illusion, woe and lowliness.

In the condition of depression there is heaviness in our head, headache, body ache, lack of sleep, sloth, fear, indigestion, trembling of limbs, acidity, increased heartbeat, increased frequency of micturition, impotency,feeling of low grade fever, liking isolation, in females irregularity of menstrual cycle etc.

Depression may be in any age . According to research children may be affected by depression. In the matter of children it is typical to diagnose whether they are suffering from depression or not. Sometimes children have sadness, so it is very important to make difference between sadness and depression. In the state of sadness a child came out of his sadness and behaves normally but constant state of sadness is depression. All the efforts are of no use to please the child, even the event of her choice and hobby becomes unable to please her. Thus the sadness is a situational state and depression is a mental disorder.

Depression is at the fourth place among the disorders that cause highest amount of disability around the world.

Causes : According to Ayurveda the main cause of physical diseases is imbalance of Vata, Pitta & Kafa .Main cause of mental diseases is the imbalance of Raja & Tama. One of the greatest scientist of Ayurveda Saint Charaka says procurement of undesired objects ,things and situations and not gaining of desired objects, things and situations is the cause of mental disorders. We may see in our daily life which Charaka has said above.

depression person

These may be the causes of depression –

  • Death of parents in the childhood and physical and mental exploitation by family members.
  • Social swindle and non cooperation. • Lack of facilities according to necessity.
  • Hereditary
  • Suffering from diseases like rheumatism, diabetes, cancers, impotency , cardiac disease etc.
  • There may be depression due to thyroid problems, Cushing syndrome and Addison’s disease.
  • Use of Hypotensive drugs, antibiotics and antimalarial drugs.
  • Long use of steroids.

Symptoms :

    • Remembering grief and the sorrowful incidents of life of present, past and future feels sadness.
    • Feeling loneliness and blankness in the life.
    • Feeling failures everywhere feels despair helplessness and does not see any colour in his life
    • Remembering the act of his past blames himself for every unfortunate incident.
    • In his view suicide and death are the best solutions of all problems.
    • Always Suffering from fatigue, weakness, physical problems, constipation, indigestion, headache etc.
    • irritating behaviour
    • Lack of construction, unable to take decisions and feels humiliated himself . Escaping from social and family activities .
    • Sitting alone in the imaginary doubts fear, accidents and worries. Feeling there is not interest in the life and everything of the world is useless and restless.

Solution :First of all try to remove all those possible causes of the disease.

  • Fundamentally, there are three kinds of treatment in Ayurveda : Daivavyapashraya (Praying to God and Chanting Mantras ) , Yuktivyapashraya (Medicines based) & Satvavjaya (Psychotherapy).
  • Proper guidance is very important.
  • Avoidance the company of those who always have a negative thinking.
  • Know the reason of fear and try to remove it.
  • Listening Indian classical music based on Ragas like Pooriya, Darbari Kanhda and and Todi etc.
  • Practising Pranayama, Asamas and Dhyana (Meditation) help in it.
  • Powder of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) in the dose of 3 to 5 gm. along with the decoction of Mandookparnee (Centella asiatica), Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra), Giloya (Tinospora cordifolia) and Shankhpushpi ( Convolvulus pluricaulis) in equal proportions in 40 ml. An Ayurveda Expert decides the treatment of it according to the constitution of the patient and condition of the Doshas.