Migraine is a one of the most common disease today. It is called Ardhavbhedaka in Ayurveda . The patients come to an Ayurveda doctor at last when he hadn’t got any permanent relief in his symptoms of it. Mostly females are in the grip of it up to 80 percent in comparison to males.

Headache is a very common problem since lifestyle is on its bullet speed and in such kind of position one day we fall ill and we feel headache. If the presence of headache is for a long time it may got name migraine in which headache may be from some hours to some days. According to Ayurveda it a Vatika disease. Let’s know about the causes of migraine.
All those foods and activities which increase Vata are the main causes of it :

  1. Use of dry foods regularly like breads ,biscuits, fast-food, pohas etc.
  2. Taking food without digestion of the previous food
  3. Always working in Air-conditioned place
  4. Holding the urges which are Non Suppressible Urges like urine, gas, hunger, thirst, sneezing, yawning, vomiting, coughing , breathing produced by hard working etc.
  5. Excess of sex
  6. Long drive on bike
  7. Excess of physical exercise and day sleeping
  8. Sitting at T. V. , Laptop or Mobile for a long time
  9. Awaking till late night
  10. Excess use of alcohol and tea
  11. Overeating
  12. Mentally tension
  13. Deep depression
  14. Lack of sound sleep
  15. Stroke
  16. Head injury
  17. Working excess over capacity etc.

Increasing only Vata or Vata with Kafa by the above causes, seizes half of the head and produces severe headache. Back portion of neck, temporal region ear, eye, forehead and eyebrow have severe pain..

Kinds of Migraine

: There are two kinds of migraine 1 In this type pain starts due to aura , it is called classified migraine. In the symptoms of aura generally appear before 10-15 minutes of headache . In the second type of it headache starts without aura with another symptoms, is said non classified.

Symptoms :

Anterior or both sides may be affected with headache in children . On the other hand in migraine there is headache only in the half portion in adolescence and youth. 1 Headache like bursting 2 Severe headache with giddiness 3 Nausea 4 Vomiting 5 Sensitivity to light and sounds 6 Unable to speak properly 7 Unable to concentrate properly 8 Lack of memory 9 Hallucinations 10 Pale skin.

  • 50 percent of migraine patients complain about neck pain.
  • In 70 percent migraine threatened families least a member will be in the grip of it.
  • More than 9 hours sleeping is a cause of migraine.
  • 10 percent school going children are suffering from migraine.
  • It is due to disturbance of central nervous system.
  • Specially there is a imbalance in serotonin hormone.
  • Keeping on drinking water reduces headache of it.
  • In Ayurveda it is called Ardhavabhedaka.

Yoga & Migraine :

Anulom-Vilom, Bhraamaree and Kapaalbhaati are very beneficial in it.

Diet :

Clarified butter of cow , honey, black grams, jiggery, barley,cumin seed, carom etc.

These are beneficial in migraine :

Pranaayaama , Going to bed till 10P. M. and getting up at 5 o’ clock in the morning, meditation, limited use of mobile, accustom etc.

These shouldn’t be taken :

Rice,curd, brinjal, ladyfingers, sour things, hydrogenated vegetable oil, spices, fried items, heavy diet, mentally tension, excess of sex, night awaking, sleeping during the day, use of drugs,anger, worry etc.

Ayurveda treatment may help very much to remove it permanently without any side effects since Ayurveda is nectar.

Ayurveda treats the patient not disease. If there are three patients who are suffering from it, the treatment will be decided according to the constitution of the patients, the medicines may be the same or may be different. There is the requirement of two kinds of treatment for the it. 1 Treatment during the time of attack 2 Treatment after attack or for permanent relief. For symptomatic relief patients take painkiller tablets or injections by which they get relief in pain, but if anybody wants to get permanent relief from this obstinate disease ,he should have to consult an Ayurveda expert.