Today we have the most luxurious bedrooms with the most comfortable and costly mattresses, Air conditioners, coolers, imported perfumes etc. but for which we have arranged all these things those two very important elements of our life are millions of kilometers away from us, without them our life is monotonous and has no colors. Those two things are : Peace & Sound sleep. That sound sleep which gave us a new cheerful life , filled us with a new courage, normalized our high B. P. and all the worries, has been lost anywhere. Today about 8 % of the world population is suffering from this problem seriously whether billions of people are facing something sleep related problems. Sleeping pills have been getting third or fourth ranks among the best selling medicines around the world market.
The main causes of sleeplessness are ; increasing of mentally tension day by day, scarcity of pleasure, lack of physical activity, hormonal disturbances , thyroid, deficit of oestrogen and adrenal hormones and deficiency of nutrients like magnesium, iron etc.

The famous treatment of sleeping problem is sleeping pills, but it is a misconception. Sleeping pills can’t be the treatment of sleeping problems. These pills may help only those patients who have been suffering from insomnia seriously. The list of side effects of these sleeping pills is constipation, idleness, stomatitis, allergies and hallucination , overweighting and impotency.

Researches show jeopardy of untimely death increases three fold in those persons who take a sleeping pill daily every month, thus sleeping pills are not a safe treatment for sleeping problems.

There may be so many reasons for insomnia as depression, cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes, tension, anxiety, fatigue, untimely old age, beauty problems, joint related diseases, acidity, obesity, and hormonal problems.

First of all we should have to know how much sleep we need for a healthy life ? According to Ayurveda it depends on the two factors : 1 Our age & 2 Constitution of our body according to Ayurveda.

In the very early of our childhood the most of our time goes in sleeping, in our young age we need six to eight hours sleeping and in our old age we are unable to enjoy the sound sleeping. In the same pattern the persons of Kafaja , Paittika & Vatika constitutions require 7 to 8 , 6 to 7 & 5 to 6 hours sleeping respectively.

If we want to say goodbye the sleeping problems we should have to follow these precious advices.

If we want to enjoy a sound sleep, we will have to fix our sleeping time and go to bed daily. The rule must be followed by us without breaking it . Due to an unavoidable cause we may get relaxation. In a fortnight if we go to sleep at our decided time regularly fourteen days then if we not follow this rule one day, we will face any kind of bad effect of it easily since our capacity will overcome it. If we go to bed at our fix time then we will not have to wait for sleeping. The best profit of going to bed in time is that as we touch our bed sweet sleep will embrace us and automatically our eyes open early in the morning with a freshness. We must learn this formula that base of power is following the rules strictly.

Let’s engage ourselves both physically and mentally during the day. Instead of worrying we will have to focus on thinking. Having not worried we will have to solve our problems by thinking without any burden. Don’t sleep during the day at all except days of summer since it’s very harmful to our health. Don’t sleep at the time of sunrise and sunset.

Get up early in the morning whether you didn’t enjoy a sound sleep at night. Don’t go to bed except the time of sleeping. Taking food early hours in the evening is beneficial. Try to be escape from working on mobile, computer, laptop T. V. etc till late night. Taking tea, coffee or alcohol is entrapping our sleep. Taking liquids at the night is to disturb our sleep since filled urine bladder will entrap our sleep. Before going to bed it is very beneficial to massage with almond oil to enjoy a sound sleep. Taking a glass of buffalo milk is the best home remedy for sleeping problem. Using earplugs or pieces of clean cotton is better to avoid the unwanted sounds which disturb our sleep. Before going to bed prayer is very important since it produces feeling of security and feeling of security is very essential to enjoy a sound sleep.

Following the above rules we may enjoy a sound sleep.